Our Work

Here at Island8, we know that seeing is believing. You can find a collection of our most recent work below that visualises our wide range of experience and how this could be applied to you and your design ideas.

Future Food

Fresco is a new style of refridgerator that aims to extend the freshness of stored food. In addition, it aids and encourages correct storage methods, further extending the useable life of the food.

Immersive Learning

Classroom Connect utilises powerful virtual reality technology to create more engaging learning tasks for disengaged students. The Classroom Connect table allows teachers to bypass costly set ups by powering up to ten units from a single socket.

Health Manual

The aUK health & fitness manual features four sections highlighting useful tips and tricks that aim to improve workouts, boost weight loss, increase muscle gain and promote detox.


Hortus aims to reinvent the use of allotments by providing a solution that maximises usable plot space whilst appealing to both the older and younger demographic.


A complete branding and design project for RedNeuro involving logo design, business card design and website construction.

Urban Spaces

With 70% of the population living in cities, Urban Spaces looks towards furniture to provide new opportunities for green spaces to grow and flourish.

Bathroom Mobility

Existing disability aids lack key usability features such as larger handles, foot rests and comfortable seating. This new concept for the bathroom offers improved human centred features in addition to enhanced aesthetics.

More to come soon!

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